Aug 20, 2016

KDE, Network Manager, and L2TP VPN - Newbie Corner Mar 19, 2020 NetworkManager - Debian Wiki NetworkManager attempts to keep an active network connection available at all times. The point of NetworkManager is to make networking configuration and setup as painless and automatic as possible. If using DHCP, NetworkManager is intended to replace default routes, obtain IP addresses from a DHCP server and change nameservers whenever it sees fit. Ubuntu Network Manager: Enabling and disabling

Mar 14, 2020

KNetworkManager - KDE UserBase Wiki

ipv6: NetworkManager Reference Manual

networking - How do I install NetworkManager-wifi on Using rpm was a mistake on my part - still kinda new to this Linux biz. I do already have network-manager and network-manager-gnome (though I couldn't work out how to launch the gnome GUI). Still though it says plugin missing and I can't work out what that might be – tupto Apr 28 '18 at 19:28 network-manager applet asks for wifi password : kde network-manager applet asks for wifi password hi i'm on freshly installed (and upgraded) tumbleweed with the newest kde on it (and apps); anyway- shortly after installation i've made a mistake and i haven't disabled kwallet straight away before clicking on the network applet (i've wifi)- and now upon every login it asks me for wifi password to