Glenn Greenwald - Germany's Reaction to Snowden's NSA

Part 1 Glenn Greenwald: officials whispering to you David, I know that the documents that I have in my possession, and that I have read from the NSA, tell a much different story. Which is that there was an 80-page opinion from the FISA court, that said what the NSA is doing in spying on American citizens, is a violation of both the fourth Glenn Greenwald Suggests There's a Second NSA Leaker | US News Jul 07, 2014 On NSA disclosures, has Glenn Greenwald become something On NSA disclosures, has Glenn Greenwald become something other than a reporter? Britain’s The Guardian newspaper reporter Glenn Greenwald talks to The Associated Press in Hong Kong on June 11 Snowden Warns Targeting of Greenwald and Assange Shows Jan 27, 2020

Apr 28, 2015

May 13, 2014 No Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S

Glenn Greenwald: Reporting the NSA story hasn't been easy, but it's always been fulfilling. It's what journalism at its crux is about, and we must protect that. Published: 31 Oct 2013 .

Glenn Greenwald is an investigative journalist and author. In 2013 he led The Guardian’s reporting team that covered Edward Snowden and the NSA, which earned the newspaper the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in Public Service. Foreign Policy magazine named him one of the top 100 Global Thinkers for 2013. ‘No Place to Hide’ by Glenn Greenwald, on the NSA’s In his new book, “No Place to Hide,” Glenn Greenwald, one of three recipients of the voluminous, top-secret material that NSA contractor Edward Snowden chose to leak, uses those documents to NSA | Glenn Greenwald | Partner Aug 19, 2013 Washington Journal: Glenn Greenwald on Edward Snowden