Jun 24, 2015 · In case you have problems with connecting to online repository for you Ubuntu Server, watch this video and see how easy is to fix errors that is generated be

Nov 12, 2016 · sudo apt get update E: Some index files failed to download They have been ignored, or old ones used - Duration: 9:20. ATOM 68,215 views When running an apt update / apt-get update, or trying to refresh the software sources using some GUI tool, apt will complain about not being able to download all repository indexes, showing errors like this: Oct 31, 2019 · At the time of writing this article, the default Ubuntu repositories include several GCC versions, from 5.x.x to 8.x.x. The latest version of GCC, which is 9.1.0 is available from the Ubuntu Toolchain PPA. In the following example, we will install the latest three versions of GCC and G++. First, add the ubuntu-toolchain-r/test PPA to your sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install vlc. Check the terminal if all the process is over then close it and check by playing audio/video whether VLC is installed correctly or not. If yes, then Enjoy! A simple procedure to follow to install/update vlc on Ubuntu/Linux/Linux Mint. If you have any query or problem regarding installing or updating Jul 24, 2009 · just installed ubuntu lots of problems have to reboot machine several times to get to desktop and when i finally do and download updates it will only install 40% and stops at configuring hpijs tired of messing with it any help befor i strip it off my machine and find something else

How to Update Ubuntu packages on 18.04 Bionic Beaver Linux

Error with “Hash sum Mismatch” : When checking for updates, you end up getting a “Failed To … Fix for apt-get: Could not resolve 'archive.ubuntu.com Jul 24, 2009

Ubuntu Studio Controls is now known as Studio Controls and is updated to version 2.0. As such, ubuntustudio-controls is now a dummy transition package to get you to the new version. Ubuntu Studio Installer, since it depends on Ubuntu Studio Controls, is updated to depend on Studio Controls instead.

May 10, 2018 · Of course, even if the above tools don’t offer to upgrade your system—for example, if you’re running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and want to upgrade before July 26—you can download the latest version of Ubuntu from the website, make a bootable USB drive or burn a disc, and then reinstall Ubuntu on your system.