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Jun 20, 2020 · Does Comcast have a VPN? Comcast doesn’t ‘have’ a VPN server. However, you can install a VPN on your Comcast Xfinity router to browse content, media, and videos in a worry-free manner. A VPN server will keep your activities and your data private. Can I set up a VPN on my Comcast router? Yes, you can easily set up a VPN service on your Comcast Xfinity is a huge American ISP with a long history of security and privacy issues, meaning you should use a VPN if you're one of their millions of customers. Join us and we'll help you I can prove it. I recently got a "speed increase" from 90 to 175 Mbps.. but apparently it's only if I drop my VPN, give up security and use Comcast's DNS servers. With PIA VPN it's throttled at 40 Mbps. I tested 7 times just now using different servers, Comcast vs VPN's DNS, turning VPN's encryption off etc. It's throttling around 40 Mbps. The best way you can kill two birds with one stone is by using a VPN for Xfinity. With a Comcast Xfinity VPN, you will be able to bypass speed throttling and protect your private browsing data. For fast and private internet, I recommend using ExpressVPN for Xfinity. Comcast's IP Gateway is all you need to take advantage of a static IP and built-in firewall.