There is a WIKI on the dd-wrt site for redirecting traffic from dd-wrt to a Squid proxy on your network - hopefully this functionality will find its way INTO dd-wrt - eleviating the need for an external proxy server

Talk:Transparent web proxy - DD-WRT Wiki iptables on the squid server . on the squid server, i'm using this iptables command redirect http requests to the squid port, i'm using port 3129 for the transparent proxy, so the iptables setup looks like this: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 3129 SSH everything: SSH and DD-WRT - Handling a Dynamic IP. All versions of DD-WRT can handle dynamic IP addresses. DD-WRT will connect to sites like (I find that works much beter than The main problem with using these sites is that you don't have as much control over things as you would if you can run CGI scripts on your own website. How to use a router as a virtual proxy, Part 1 - YouTube Jul 01, 2010 DD-WRT Setup – HMA Support

HOW TO: Setup proxy server on DDWRT router to block Ads - November 06, 2016 There is a very helpfull feature called Ad blocking on DDWRT (units with 16MB flash space and more) which can make your home network more secure and your internet expirience more pleasant. Very easy to setup with just fiew of a clicks.

Nov 18, 2019 · When you enter the DD-WRT Control Panel, click on "Services". Right below it, click on "VPN". Now please edit the fields as follows: Go to Services > VPN: Enable OpenVPN® Client as shown below. Server IP/Name: Enter any of the servers that you can find by logging into the VPN Control Panel and clicking on "View" under "Manually set-up VPN - No May 06, 2014 · This video will show you how to setup a VPN server on your home router like Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, etc using DD-WRT and how to connect to your home network remotely via VPN.

Follow the steps below for setting System Time on a DD-WRT router to synchronize with a public time server using the NTP client:. 1. Log on to the DD-WRT router’s control panel by entering the router’s default address to the address bar of your preferred browser.

MagicJack/Support Resources/How-To/Proxy Change Aug 16, 2017 WikiDevi:DD-WRT/Transparent Web Proxy - WikiDevi Transparent Web Proxy @ dd-wrt Running a transparent proxy server on your network can be used for more advanced content filtering of web pages for environments such as a school or library (where in some locales, filtering is required by law) or as a way to protect children in the household. What are the SOCKS 5 Proxy Server Addresses? – IPVanish IPVanish offers access to SOCKS 5 proxy servers all over the world for use with FireFox or your favorite Bittorrent client. For more information about what our SOCKS 5 proxy server is and how to use it, see our SOCKS 5 Proxy article. Below is a list of all or our available SOCKS 5 proxy servers listed by location: Albania: How to see what your computers are talking out to: fun