May 24, 2020

Run your own DNS Server (Domain Name System Server) on your device. From now on you have control over all DNS requests. Free How to Change DNS Servers in Windows - Lifewire May 28, 2020 6 Ways to Check DNS Settings - wikiHow Mar 29, 2019 Check DNS records on Windows with nslookup

Jun 28, 2019

Thanks for replying. The DNS server is also the domain controller. DNS for the Windows 7 and XP machines are all set to the DC's IP address. I can ping the domain by name from the Windows 7 machine, and can also ping the DC by name. A computer directly attached to DIR655 is able to access the internet. My windows 7 PC is attached to DI 604 switch (using the router as a switch). Nothing changed in network and it worked just fine with Vista. Only change is upgrade from Vista to Windows 7. I tried configuring the DNS server to but that didn't help either. I

Root name server: The root name server, or root server, gets involved when the DNS recursor can’t find what it needs in its cache. The root server exists at the top of the DNS hierarchy, in a position called the root zone—this is the point at which requests are redirected to the appropriate zone.

Jan 12, 2018 · how to fix dns server not responding Windows 7 how to fix dns server not found One class of failures is related to Domain Name System (DNS) – the distributed name resolution service used by Jul 18, 2011 · Which edition of Windows 7 is this, Ultimate, Enterprise, Professional etc? If you are on a business network at your work place and you using a license distributed by your company, you might be using KMS licensing and it is attempting to reach the Key Management Server to accomplish activation.